Tokyo Tattoo & Piercing Studios

Tokyo Tattoo Piercing Studios are world famous for their skills, offering services to tourists and foreigners. Most of the studios and artists we have listed require booking well in advance, so be sure to check the homepage and links for information. Japanese Tattoo & Piecing Studios are known for being artistic, so don't expect fast work.

Tokyo Popular Drinking Bars

Here are some of the most well known and Foreigner Friendly Bars, Pubs and Drinking Spots in Tokyo. There is no better city to satisfy your thirst than Tokyo and a "must try" experience for everyone traveling in Japan.

Kaku-uchi Standing Bars in Tokyo

Kaku-uchi is a liquor store and drinking establishment or bar, combined into one venue or location. Kaku-uchi are often called “Standing Bars”, and usually do not have any seating.

Tokyo Night Clubs

The nightlife in Tokyo is world-famous for its vibrant clubbing scene, and there are clubs and live houses all over the city. We have compiled a list of Tokyo Night Clubs in...

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