Escorts in Tokyo

Escort or Delivery Health Services

For any resident or visitor to Tokyo who is interested in using an Escort or Delivery Health Services in Tokyo. These are a few of the well-established companies in Tokyo.

Strip Clubs

There are a wide variety of Strip Clubs in Tokyo, ranging from smaller peep-shows to luxuriant western style Strip Clubs. We have listed the best Strip Clubs in Tokyo.
Kadoebi Soapland Shibuya


Soaplands are places where men go to have a “bath” with a woman. There is a very long history of Soaplands in Japan. In Tokyo, certain areas of the city offered different types of baths or massage options.

Massage Parlors

Massage Parlors in Japan offer a wide variety of massage services. They range from Oil, Body Wash, Oil Lymph, Prostate and of course happy endings for those wanting adult services.
Happy Hinomaru - Pink Salon Shinjuku

Pink Salons (Blow Job Bars)

Pink Salons also known as blowjob bars, and are very popular in Japan and Tokyo has a large selection of these adult entertainment establishments.
Sleeping Beauty - Shibuya Underground Bar - Happening & Swinger Bar

Swinger Clubs & Happening Bars

Swinger Clubs or “happening bars” are bars or clubs where the guests can engage in sexual activities or ‘play’ with other like-minded guests. These clubs can be invite-only or anyone can attend.
Wild One Sex Shop in Shibuya

Tokyo Sex Shops

Tokyo Sex Shops can be a very interesting visiting experience as you can see, or purchase a wide range of adult-related products, sex toys, outfits and much much more!
Gay & Lesbian

Gay & Lesbian Entertainment

Shinjuku’s Ni-Chome area is famous for having the world’s highest concentration of gay bars with over 300 crammed together in this relatively small area. This area is safe at all times of the day or night and on weekends it can become a very busy place!
Sexy Japanese Oppai Bars (Breast) & Pubs in Tokyo

Other Adult Entertainment Options

Here are some of the peeps show, breast (Oppai) pubs, naked pubs, bikini bars and other adult related entertainment options in Tokyo

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